What is the Torque Trainer?

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Torque Trainer Pro

Torque Trainer Classic

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The Torque Trainer Classic is fixed to a wall, the Torque Trainer Pro and Mobile are free standing .

The angle of the wall can be easily and quickly adjusted in 5°/2.5° steps: (see videos )

Torque Trainer Classic +10° to -20°(-35°)

Torque Trainer Pro + 20° to - 20°

Torque Trainer Mobile -5° to -30°

The Wall is only 2.2m high and 2.6m /1.3m wide and should fit into any room.

36, ergonomic and symmetrically placed holes, with a diameter of 150mm, allow for the perfect hand or foot positioning in any 360° direction.

In addition to these large holes there are another 220, 10mm holes for the perfect positioning of hand and foot holds .

The hand and foot holds are specially designed by Ibex, for system training, and each shape is mirrored to fit perfectly into the left or right hand. Appropriately sized and shaped holds are supplied with the wall.

There is a choice of foot rail width, 530mm for fitness or 930mm for therapy. The foot rail has a quartz sand coating for extra foot friction.

The wall offers fixation points for the TRX Suspension or Rip Trainer.

The wall is made of wood and has a clear varnish finish turning it into a piece of furniture and it looks and feels beautiful!

Torque Trainer Pro adjustment

Torque Trainer Classic adjustment


They have been designed with the specific requirements of the different user groups in mind. The first requirement was to lower the inhibitions most non climbers have to a climbing wall. The low height, the holes and large foot rail do this and create the appearance of a training wall, and not only a climbing wall!

Torque Trainer Mobile


Torque Trainer Pro 1/2