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80% of climbing is in the fingers and forearms, the other half is in the core!


The objective behind these training articles is to help you make the most of your home training, using the Torque Trainer and the training concept behind it. My training concept runs along the lines of Multiple Muscle Group Training also known as functional training, multi-joint training or compound training. see article 


Why do home training or any training program other than just going climbing?

The answer is simple, with a good well constructed training program the efficiency is much higher. You can focus on exactly that which you want to train. The gains of a 3 hour climbing session can be achieved in as little as 40 minutes on the Torque Trainer. Efficiency is key here, so for those of you who say "I do not have the time to get better in rock climbing", well here is the perfect concept for you.

Most home boulder walls loose their appeal very soon, they do not come close to replacing your local boulder or climbing gym when it comes to fun, creativity and options. On the other hand most boulder or climbing gyms do not have the right infrastructure for an optimal and efficient training program. There is a difference between going bouldering or climbing and following a strict training program to achieve set objectives. A combination of both will give good results.

Most training books have too much information and try to cover everything and leave most climbers confused. Most training videos by some of the worlds best climbers are just too hard and are not what is needed to help someone improve from say 6b to 7a, or even 7b to 8a.

I will do my best to make the objectives of each training unit clear and easy to follow, in writing and instructional video. This kind of training, like it is for any sport, is very boring. So do it with some friends and it can be fun and the results are worth it. Feel free to contact me if there are questions.


The program is split into 5 sections, ( base, power, stamina, endurance and maintenance ). Each one runs for about 4 - 5 weeks with 2 to 3 sessions a week. Ideally the program is started after a good rest, so a break in December is followed with 4 - 5 weeks base in January. Hitting the rock in April for some extra endurance and working and sending projects from the beginning of May. There is no substitute for lots of climbing in the gym and on the rock, the intensity is mentioned in each section.

There are many theories as to how to train, I will be presenting the ones that have worked for me over the last 30 years. To spice things up I hope to add some favourites from other climbers.

The warm up and stretching sections give some tips to simple warming up before every session and the stretching that should be part of every climbers rest and recovery.

Have fun.